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About Blogging - Sunday Morning at a funeral

Just a thought about blogging... the whole purpose and demeanour assumed is never really certain, the way we do conduct ourselves is generally dependant on context, matter and audience (online and in english are the only certainties, whatever that means).

So this entry has a few questions that might help to define these factors dictating the true nature of the blog, ie. who are we writing for?

When being assessed, we have an idea of who we are writing for and acknowledge with the manner of writing and content. Henry David Thoreau said something along the lines of "Never write unless it gives you the greatest pleasure".

If the greatest pleasure or refuge of a journal, is in the solace of your thoughts transcribed to paper, flourishing, blooming and dying there in the private darkness of the page,

Then the sharing of such ideas would be a humbling and yet context changing experience.

So the point of the exercise must be to assess how you write for yourself or it couldn't be a true blog. No?

Therefore the exercise and assessment would be called, marking people on how they write for themselves? I dunno.

Because they must be shared, does it betray a core intention behind the original blog? jst a two-dimensional thought i had anyway.
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